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Final Verdict

All Ready for Lunch

My original plan was to eat this bread tomorrow.  However, life happened, and at 12:30 this afternoon we were still muffin-less.  Tomorrow’s PB & J’s came a day early.  I set out a variety of options for topping the bread (PB, jam, butter, honey, bananas) and let everyone choose.  We had just about every possible combination you could think of, and all were delicious.

This bread was soft, as advertised.  It had a slight tang to it, almost like a mild sourdough, because of the yogurt.  I love that it is a “dump in the bread machine and walk away” recipe.  I will definitely be making this one again!


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The Finished Loaf

This lofty golden loaf came out of the oven several hours ago.  About twenty minutes after it came out of the oven, I took it out of the pan.  After it cooled completely, I double bagged it in two reused bread bags from purchased loaves.  I have always found that homemade bread doesn’t fit in a Ziploc, and this is my cheap skate solution!

My Loaf in Used Bread Bags

We don’t actually plan to eat the bread until lunch on Friday.  So, I will be putting this recipe to the test.  Ann and her Dad assure me it should still be soft.  Perfect!

To read my final thoughts on this recipe, click here.  To see other handy kitchen tips, visit Tammy’s Recipes.

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Since I posted my menu plan earlier this week, I have been dying to try this new bread recipe.  I’m not even sure how I happened upon Sumptuous Spoonfuls, but I do know I’ll be back.

I found a recipe she had shared for her Dad’s (I love that!) Soft and Wonderful Yogurt Bread.  It is a whole wheat bread, made with yogurt obviously, that supposedly stays soft and lovely for days.  Her pictures won me over.

Normally when I make bread, I make two loaves and knead them by hand.  Not because I don’t have a machine that can do it – I have both a Kitchen Aid mixer and a bread machine – but because I just love the feel of the dough.  I love getting my hands into it.

But there are times, many times, when lack of time and a dirty counter space make kneading by hand out of the question.  So, not only does this recipe look delicious, the instructions are for one loaf in the bread machine.  Dirty counter – check.  Very little time – check.  Today is the day.

Yogurt Bread in the Machine

I pulled my bread machine out of the back of my pantry, dusted it off, and dumped in the ingredients.  And wondered why I don’t use this machine more often.  I did substitute sucanat for the brown sugar, and I used all white whole wheat flour, since that is the only kind of flour I own.

I don’t bake my bread in the machine.  But, I will use the dough cycle to knead it and for the first rise.  Then, all I have to do is reshape and plop in my bread plan!  I’m going to get some things accomplished while my bread machine works its magic.  I have high hopes.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂 . . .

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Underside of U-505 at the Chicago Museum of Sc...
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In the words of my eloquent little 2-year-old, “We went places, and we ate stuff!!”  This is how she described our all day outing yesterday to my mom when we returned home.  I am sure that is all the detail she needed to put the pieces together from our 10 hour excursion.

She is right, though.  We did indeed go places and eat stuff.  Jason and I loaded all five kiddos into the minivan – which we barely fit into these days – and headed for downtown Chicago.  We changed our minds about our final destination three times before we finally settled on The Museum of Science and Industry.  I was expecting to pay for our general admission, tickets to tour the German submarine U-505, and parking.

While Jason was finding our FREE place to park (amazing), I took all the kids inside to get in line for tickets.  (One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is not having to go to the museum on the weekend – no line.)  And – drum roll please – it was a free day!

Feeling as if we had hit the lottery, our pockets loaded down with unused cash, we decided to make two special stops on our way home.  We almost never go out to eat.  Especially as a family.  You might think five little kids alone would be enough to keep me at bay.  However, it is usually the supremely yucky food that offends us.  We shell out way too much money for food that I would never buy for us at the grocery store.  Complete waste.

But, there is one restaurant where we can all go, and I don’t feel like we need to detox afterwards.  Enter – Chipotle.  We LOVE Chipotle.  Fresh, some organic, ethically raised, pastured meat, veggies – food that is actual food.  The kids basked in the glow of restaurant lighting and the joy of eating out of the house.

Oh, but the fun didn’t end there.  I have been wanting to go to a new frozen yogurt place somewhat close to our house called Yumz.  This concept is brilliant – serve yourself, 10 different flavors and too many toppings to count.  You pile it on and pay by weight.  Genius.  My feeling is that about 25% of the adults that enter this establishment are blown away.  Then they rush home to visit the Yumz website to see how much one of these franchises cost.  I haven’t done it.  Yet.

A fun-filled family day.  We went places and we ate stuff.  And, I felt good about both.

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