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Lost and Found (book)

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I learned very early on in my teaching career to seek good authors, not just good books.  Some of my favorites have been around for decades, and others have just recently been a delight to discover.  I will share two of our favorites here today.

First, the more seasoned author we are loving again and again (and again and again and again . . . any one else have preschoolers?) is William Steig.  His stories and illustrations are clever, inventive, and downright entertaining.  We recommend both his picture books and his chapter books.  We own many of both, and are often the books we reach for first.  Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and Yellow and Pink are both extremely amusing.  Dominic, The Real Thief, and Abel’s Island are favorite chapter books of my 7-year-old.  My mom read them to her several times each before she could read, and now she reads them on her own.

The newer author we are enjoying is Oliver Jeffers.  His illustrations are whimsical, childlike and a wonderful asset to his stories.  The stories themselves are profound, yet simple and sweet.  Lost and Found, Up and Down and The Heart and the Bottle are just a start.

Happy reading!

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