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Morning Quiet Time

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This year I am attempting to be much more intentional with goals.  You know, radical things like creating them and writing them down.  After reading several things in the past few months that convinced me that I really ought to have goals in order to actually accomplish things this year, I was a little lost as to how to actually begin.

I read Telling Your Time in one night, and found that it helped me immensely.  By the time I worked my way through the book, I determined what areas of my life I wanted to focus on, how I wanted to change, and how I was going to actually do it from day-to-day.

My plan is to share with you, one area at a time, what I will be working towards this year.  I’d love to know what your goals are for this coming year, and how you plan to spend your days to end up where you want to be!

Area 1: Myself

As the book told me to do, I asked myself the question, “What kind of Self (body, mind, soul) do I want to be?”  My answer?  I want to be merry in heart, contented, hard-working, accomplished, loving and organized.

And how do I plan to become that woman I want to be?

  • Manage My Time WellNot managing my time well stresses me out, being stressed-out makes me tense, which makes me short-tempered, which works directly against everything I want to be.  I will make it a priority to manage my time well, keep lists and have a routine to my days.
  • Rest and Sleep – Obvious, right?  Maybe.  But, for someone as driven and busy as I am, this is something I need to make myself do.  Tired Mommy is not as loving as rested Mommy.  I will get ready for bed at 11:00pm and set the alarm for 6:30am.
  • Time By Myself – I wrote an entire post on this here.  I realized this year, that time by myself is how I recharge.  And taking the time to recharge is not selfish, it is smart.  I cannot be the woman my family and friends deserve if I am drained and overwhelmed all the time.  Even if I never leave the house, it is necessary for me to carve out time in my week to read, research, look at recipes, etc. in a quiet place.
  • Time with God – Clearly I am not typing these in order of importance, as this one would be at the top.  More than I need quiet time by myself, I need quiet time with God.  This is where my soul finds rest and He speaks to me through his Word.  No, I am not saying that I hear the audible voice of God, but if I never sit and read my Bible and pray, I will never hear Him.  He is my source of strength for today and hope for tomorrow (as the old hymn goes), and where I need to come first for refreshment.  Quiet Time with the Lord at 7:30 every morning is essential for me.
  • Haircuts and Decent Clothes – Yes, this actually needs to be on my list.  Would you believe that it has been over a year since I had a haircut?!  Terrible.  I feel better about myself, meaning I have a brighter spirit and a better attitude when I am not embarrassed by my appearance.  Clothes that fit (hard to do when I have been every size in the book being pregnant and nursing for about the last 8 years) and a decent haircut are on my to-do list.
  • Regular Meals – Another one that should be a given, but just isn’t.  Sometimes it takes me so long to get meals ready, kids’ plates fixed, the baby nursed, and the baby fed – nibbling as I go – that I am just not even hungry anymore.  As a nursing mom, I cannot afford to eat lightly!  Being intentional about eating nutritious foods, often, is important.

Simple, really, when I write it down.  But, without writing it down, I know that I would continue to struggle with success in these areas.  I know they are a priority, and now I can clearly see why they are a priority.

The other part of setting goals for the year, and equally important as having the actual goals, is making my action points a priority in my day-to-day schedule.  I am not a “by the clock” kind of gal, but it has become necessary for me to at least have an outline to my day.  It gives me peace of mind that theoretically, everything that I think could happen, could happen on a perfect day.

Perfect days never happen, and that is OK too.  At least I know where to jump back in after interruptions when I have a routine to guide me.

Next up – Area 2:  What kind of spouse do I want to be?

What are your goals for yourself this coming year?

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I am just taking for granted that we can all use more help in this area.  Last week, in this post, I told you that Jason and I have decided to actually write down goals for ourselves this year.  As with many things, easier said than done.

I sat down many times, with several helpful resources in hand, to crank out a few rough drafts.  I did come up with some good ideas, and I created some basic categories – but I seemed stuck on the actual carrying out of the goals.  The, “Ok, now what?” problem.

What does it matter how many goals I write down if I have no concrete plan for making them happen!  I was struggling.

I know, know, know, that if I spend all my days working towards the end of that day, in thirty years I am not going to make much progress!  I have five little kids at home, and trust me, getting to the end of the day is no small feat.  However, at the end of my life I would love to know that I became the person I want to be.

To me, it isn’t about the dreams I have or the things I want to accomplish.  It is about becoming the mom, wife, friend, business owner, etc. that God has called me to be.  I won’t get there if all I ever do is accomplish the daily tasks of living and never make intentional choices to achieve the rest.

Which brings me to why I wrote this post.  I bought Telling Your Time last night.  It is an ebook, so I immediately downloaded it and began to read.

WOW.  It is simple, and exactly what I was looking for!  This is a short read, but exactly what I needed to set long-range goals, make realistic goals for this year, and make sure I spend my time each day accomplishing them!  I read the entire thing last night (this is definitely not necessary :)) while working my way through her process.  I was so inspired I worked my way from 5:45pm to 11:00pm and only stopped for the essentials.  I HAVE A PLAN!!!

I really, really recommend Telling Your Time to any of you thinking about your long-range goals, working through your yearly goals, having a difficult time managing your days, feeling like you can’t fit everything, wanting to get organized, or just plain wanting to be a little more thoughtful about how you spend your hours.

You will be so happy you did!  I’ll be sharing a little bit about my process and end results in the weeks to come.  Hopefully, I will be hearing about these things from you as well.  Click the links below to read the following posts in this series:

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