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Thanksgiving week!  I am hosting this year – yay!  Any chance to see my insanely adorable nephews (and my brother and his wife, of course) is exciting.  And of course the Christmas boxes begin their ascent from the basement as soon as the crowd disperses.  My kids (well the ones who have no concept of time anyway) were all asking me repeatedly today if Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

Another reason to love Thanksgiving week is the abundance of leftovers.  Love leftovers.  Planning my entire week around leftovers.

So here we are:


We always eat fruit or have a smoothie with breakfast.  And one of the following:

Yogurt, oatmeal or homemade granola x 5

Cereal bars (once a week treat for me and the kids – they like to eat them, and I love pulling a box off the shelf and not a pot :))

Blueberry muffins (Thanksgiving morning treat!)


Lunch is always served with fresh veggies, and sometimes fruit.

Leftovers x 3 – Oh, that makes me happy!

Cottage Mac and Cheese

Cheese and crackers (a lighter snacky lunch on Thanksgiving Day)

Egg boats (otherwise known as deviled eggs), ants on a log

Yogurt bread, peanut butter or butter


Hamburger Vegetable Soup, fruit

Tuna, Spinach and Rice, steamed corn

Mexican Chili Dip, corn chips, cheese (This is a new recipe for me – I’ll let you know how it turns out.)

TURKEY and accompanying feast :)!

Pizza and Christmas movie night (extremely pumped about this)

Leftovers x 2 (equally pumped about this)

This is a week off of school for us, so hopefully we will be taking advantage of more flexibility.  The kids have big plans to play Legos, read books, paint, draw, sew, cook . . .  We’ll see how many of their plans we can squeeze in!  We have three new Christmas books from the library, so watch for my opinions on those later this week.  I’ll also be posting some of my best tips for making and freezing stock.  Don’t forget to save that turkey carcass – or beg it off your hostess :)!

What are you eating this week besides turkey?  Are you hosting or are you being hosted?

To see what hundreds of other ladies have planned for meals this week, visit Menu Plan Monday!

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