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Free Bucket From the Bakery

Buying dry goods in bulk to save money is somewhat counter-productive if you have to turn around and spend $45 on buckets in which to store them.  You’ll probably realize your savings in several years, but wouldn’t it be nice to find storage for FREE?

Well, look no further than your local bakery or bakery department at a grocery store.  Who knew that Walmart gave anything away for free to someone who is not a crazy coupon lady?!  Walmart, Sam’s Club, Jewel, and anywhere else you are brave enough to ask, are usually willing to just hand over their empty food grade buckets for absolutely nothing.

You can call ahead and ask them to set buckets aside, or you can just roll up to the bakery department while you are already there and ask if they have any empty buckets and lids you can have.  Easy as that!

Gamma Lid

You can use the free lids they give you if you can’t afford to spend any money (or prefer not to), or you can pop for gamma lids.  LOVE GAMMA LIDS.  I buy them through Country Life Natural Foods for $5.95 each.  They pop onto the top of the bucket and have a screw on/screw off easy-peasy lid.  Very convenient, and worth the money, if you not only store your goods in the buckets but don’t have a smaller container to grab from on a daily basis.

All these buttercream frosting containers do start to look alike, so I suggest placing a piece of Scotch tape labeled with the contents on the top or the side, or both.  That way you can determine what is inside without having to open the lid and look.  And the reason for the tape would be so that you can easily re-label if you decide to change the contents.  Just peel off the old and stick on the new!

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