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Well, they ate it!  I’m not going to say it was anyone’s new favorite, but at least there were no long faces about no lasagna.  Here are the reviews straight from the mouths of my brood:

Sophia, age 8 – “It’s been a long time since I have had lasagna!  It just tastes like cheese-sauce-noodle goodness!”

Jack, age 6 1/2 – “Good.  Yum.  Really good.”  He’s so eloquent :).

Elise, age 4 1/2 – “You mean the lasagna?  Uh, YUM!!  I liked it!”

Tessa, age 3 – “Good!”

I honestly don’t think I plan to make this intentionally again.  However, I can definitely see my kids asking for it in the future :).  And, hey – why not?!

Read this post if you are wondering how I ended up writing a post about lasagna sauce passing for a meal :).

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