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I am just taking for granted that we can all use more help in this area.  Last week, in this post, I told you that Jason and I have decided to actually write down goals for ourselves this year.  As with many things, easier said than done.

I sat down many times, with several helpful resources in hand, to crank out a few rough drafts.  I did come up with some good ideas, and I created some basic categories – but I seemed stuck on the actual carrying out of the goals.  The, “Ok, now what?” problem.

What does it matter how many goals I write down if I have no concrete plan for making them happen!  I was struggling.

I know, know, know, that if I spend all my days working towards the end of that day, in thirty years I am not going to make much progress!  I have five little kids at home, and trust me, getting to the end of the day is no small feat.  However, at the end of my life I would love to know that I became the person I want to be.

To me, it isn’t about the dreams I have or the things I want to accomplish.  It is about becoming the mom, wife, friend, business owner, etc. that God has called me to be.  I won’t get there if all I ever do is accomplish the daily tasks of living and never make intentional choices to achieve the rest.

Which brings me to why I wrote this post.  I bought Telling Your Time last night.  It is an ebook, so I immediately downloaded it and began to read.

WOW.  It is simple, and exactly what I was looking for!  This is a short read, but exactly what I needed to set long-range goals, make realistic goals for this year, and make sure I spend my time each day accomplishing them!  I read the entire thing last night (this is definitely not necessary :)) while working my way through her process.  I was so inspired I worked my way from 5:45pm to 11:00pm and only stopped for the essentials.  I HAVE A PLAN!!!

I really, really recommend Telling Your Time to any of you thinking about your long-range goals, working through your yearly goals, having a difficult time managing your days, feeling like you can’t fit everything, wanting to get organized, or just plain wanting to be a little more thoughtful about how you spend your hours.

You will be so happy you did!  I’ll be sharing a little bit about my process and end results in the weeks to come.  Hopefully, I will be hearing about these things from you as well.  Click the links below to read the following posts in this series:

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