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Writing goals for this coming year has caused me to be unusually introspective.  Taking time to concentrate on me is really rare.  I have five small children, a husband who works a lot (definitely not complaining!!), a house to run, a business to run, and a homeschool to run.  I am wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

Every single one of those things is wonderful and fulfilling and a huge blessing from God – but they can also be draining.  They consume my time, energy, and thoughts.

Sitting down and reading the book Telling Your Time (still available and still highly recommended), forced me to think about what kind of person I want to be in all of those areas.  It also made me realize that setting time aside to do things that help me to be the person I want to be in all of the areas I listed above is not selfish.  It is smart. 

It always felt selfish to me to take time for myself.  Until I realized that taking time for myself refreshes my soul and fills my store-house –  readying me to give abundantly again.

When my soul is refreshed, I am:

  • a more creative and patient mom
  • a more giving, forgiving and gentle wife
  • a more organized, motivated housekeeper
  • a more focused and productive business owner
  • a more thoughtful friend

This is not new advice, I realize.  But for me, it is a new perspective.  I will carve out time for me this year.  Not because I need it.  But because my family does.

How about you?  Do you normally make time to do the things that you love?  What refreshes your soul?

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