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Oh, today was a wonderful day.  Jason and I were talking about our day over dinner, and we decided that our vacation in the beginning of August was the last time we had a family hang day.  It was long overdue and well worth the wait.

We normally spend Sunday fellowshipping with our church family.  We all enjoy our time there immensely and rarely do we opt out for any reason.  However, since we are in such a busy season for both work and life, we just needed a break.  Together.

Our two oldest learned how to play Battleship.  Several rounds were enjoyed, including one where Jason handily defeated me.  I made homemade playdoh with the little girls, and they played bakery for hours.  I patronized their establishment several times.  They had enormous apple cider donuts that were to die for.

We snuggled on the couch while our middle child basked in the glow of the elusive spotlight.  She entertained us all with a tap dancing dolphin show and one-girl parade.  I played the cook while another two served Daddy and their brother at our restaurant.

We laughed, hard, at Mommy and Daddy attempting to do crazy physical stunts that would have been a breeze twenty years ago.  Now we do them with our finger hovering over the last “1” in 911.  Videotaping was absolutely necessary.

Jason is bathing them all and tucking them in as I type this.  I know they will sleep well feel loved.  Praise God.

What brought you joy today?

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