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While I occassionally post the books we are reading as a family, I rarely mention the books I am reading.  Not that I have tons of time to curl up with good books meant specifically for grown ups, mind you.  But, I do make time to read books that educate or inspire me, and I thought you all might be curious to know what I choose to read for me – not just for the kids.

The Bible – With every baby we add to our family, I find it harder and harder to get back in the groove of a daily time in the Word.  Setting the alarm and dragging myself out of bed just doesn’t happen with an infant.  Once we get beyond the infant phase, I am so used to being out of the routine that “out of the routine” is my new routine!  I am happy to say that I have been faithful to rise early for the last 3 weeks, so I feel I am back in my new “normal” again.

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The Help by Kathryn Stockett – I know, I know – I am woefully behind the literary times by not reading this until now.  But, I had no interest in seeing the movie without having read the book first (of course), and I just hadn’t made the time.  THIS WAS SO GOOD.  The writing is so perfect, it is almost distracting from the storyline!  And the storyline is fascinating.  I stayed up far too late several nights for this one.  No regrets.

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Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye by Ellie Philips, DDS- Not nearly as wonderful as The Help, but I do enjoy reading non-fiction when the topic actually interests me.  I had perfect teeth until I went and had 5 babies in 8 years.  Now, you would think they are made of chalk.  So, this topic interests me.  We have changed our oral care habits based on her recommendations, and I am hopeful that I will see improvement in the pitiful state of my own dental health.

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck – There was a day in there around Thanksgiving where I just wasn’t feeling very well.  Jason happened to be home, and he blessed me immensely by telling me to hide out in my room for a few hours.  OK!  I finished my meal plan, wrote my entire homeschool plan for the week, and read Of Mice and Men.  It was thin (meaning I thought I could finish it in a day), and it had been a long while since I had read it.  Enjoyable.

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Created to Be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl – I read this all the way through this fall, and now I am working my way through it again with some amazing ladies from church.  We meet once a month to discuss, share, encourage, and keep each other accountable.  We don’t always like what Debi Pearl has to say, but there is certainly no shortage of discussion!

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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – This is the part where I am really glad you are reading this and we are not standing face to face when I tell you I have never read Little Women.  I think I just heard several of you gasp.  I may have heard my friend Jane hit the floor in a dead faint.  I know, I know – terrible.  I never wanted to read it until I was an adult, and once I was an adult I never had the time.  Well, I never made the time.  But, I am tired of missing out.  And I am tired of feeling like I need to quietly back out of the room when references to the book are dropped into the conversation, and I am so obviously the only person that has not read this work several times and memorized most of it.  No more!  I believe I am on chapter 5, so don’t blow it for me.  My strict policy of not watching the movie until the book is read holds true here as well.  So, I have no idea what happens to these people!

I am hoping that I can find little pockets of time to invest in reading my own books during our Christmas break.  Actually, as soon as I am done writing this post, I am going to fix myself a cup of tea and do just that!

What are you reading these days that doesn’t have pictures or under-age lead characters?

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