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Healthy Holidays Photos

On the excitement scale of one to ten, I am officially in the realm of eleven.  WOW – do you see those goodies?!?!?  This is only my second Christmas since we have started eating real food (no processed anything, no sugar).  Last year I gave in a made some of the old favorites, because I didn’t want to deny my kids the traditions, even though I wanted desperately to deny them the sugar. 

So, this year since I don’t even own sugar, and have no intention of buying any, I was going to tinker with some of my recipes to “healthify” them.  Yes, I am sure that is a word.  But, don’t you LOVE it when someone does the work for you?!  This beautiful, delicious sounding, FREE (unbelievable, I know) ebook I discovered in my inbox this morning is exactly what I need.

I have downloaded my copy already, perused the entire book, and purchased my first-ever candy thermometer while I was out this morning.  Cannot wait to make homemade caramel.

So, I know by now you are wondering, “How can I get my hands on this?!?!”  This is the exact info taken from Mindy at The Purposed Heart‘s post:

To thank you for supporting us, we are offering this ebook with over 20 delicious recipes free to all of our subscribers! Anyone who subscribes by email or RSS to The Purposed Heart, Intentional By Grace, The Humbled Homemaker, or Quick and Easy, Cheap and Healthy will get a free digital copy of this book!

I suggest you visit every one of these ladies’ blogs to find inspiration.  And while you are there, be sure to subscribe and nab this treasure!


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