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Our weather is positively perfect today.  Sunny, warm, breezy.  The kind of day you want to store away in your memory to pull out on a bone chilling, dead of winter day.

I know my time in my garden is coming to a close this season, so it is time to harvest fresh herbs.  There are a few plants that have done very well this year, and I can’t possibly think of enough uses for all of the fresh parsley I now own.  This is a good thing.

My parsley

Each day I get the chance, I will snip some herbs and bring them in to adorn my kitchen with beauty and fragrance as they dry.  I have come up with a nice little trick to make drying herbs (or flowers for that matter) a cinch.

All you need is two little girl elastic ponytail holders for each bunch of herbs you plan to hang.

2 Tiny Pony Holders

Wrap the ponytail holder around the end of your bunch.

Parsley all wrapped up

Now, use the other ponytail holder to attach it to a handle in your kitchen.  Wrap it once around your bunch and once around your handle.  Snap!  Now as your herbs dry, the ponytail holders will shrink with your herbs and you won’t have herbs falling out all over your counter.

Herbs in my kitchen

And, my hands smell like rosemary – which is a nice little bonus.

When your herbs are dry, just take them down and store in a container until you are ready to use them over the long, cold winter.

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