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There are several things about my home management that aren’t working for me right now.  Grocery shopping would be one.

I am going to try a new plan for a few months and see what I think.  I buy lots of things in bulk from Country Life Natural Foods (I highly recommend them if you are in their delivery area!) every other month and from Azure Standard (this is actually our first month of Azure delivery in our area – YAY!) once a month.  The items I am not able to get from either of those sources I usually buy at Costco or Trader Joe’s.

Since Trader Joe’s and Costco are both twenty-five minutes from my house (thankfully in the same direction), I was really finding it to be too much of a time-sucker to go once a week.  So, I am going to plan meals two weeks at a time and shop every other week.  This past Monday was my first two-week shopping trip.

I am looking forward to the saved time, the saved gas, and the saved money.  No matter how specific my list, I always seem to grab one or two things “just in case” that I surely could have lived without.  The less often I have the option to buy, the better.  The only problem I can see so far is that two weeks worth of groceries don’t fit in my refrigerator :).  Luckily, my mom lives with us in her own apartment and has a very modestly stocked fridge.  I had to take part of it over!

On the weeks I don’t go to Trader Joe’s, I will most likely hit Aldi or Walmart that are both less than 5 minutes away to grab any fresh produce I need.  I’ll let you know how it goes . . .

And, now for the actual meals!


Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits, Maple Icing, fresh fruit

Overnight Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats, blueberries

Coffee Cake, fresh fruit and veggie smoothies

Yogurt, Oatmeal or granola, fresh fruit x 4


Bean burritos, Carrot Apple Slaw, veggies

Deviled Eggs, veggies and dip, apples

Apple Bean Bake, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, veggies

Bean Bowls (with fresh tomato, avocado and cheese), veggies, oranges

PB sandwiches, veggies

Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans, fruit



Split Pea Soup, fruit

Cheesy Chili Soup, shredded cheese, fruit

Sloppy Joes (I use Laura’s recipe, but add a ton of grated carrots and chopped peppers), steamed corn, carrots

Lemon Tuna Cups, steamed peas

Cottage Mac & Cheese, apples

Pizza from Papa Murphy’s (gift certificate from Christmas :)!!), veggies


Do you usually shop every week, every other, once a month – what works for you?

I’ll be sharing my menu plan at I’m An Organizing Junkie today!

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