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We are in a pancake phase right now.  We have eaten these Pumpkin Pancakes several times in the last few weeks, and I plan to keep making them as long as I can find canned pumpkin and farm fresh eggs.  I was able to grab several cans of organic pumpkin at Trader Joe’s today.  Yay!

Today’s kitchen tip is a simple but useful one.  I cook our pancakes on my electric griddle (is that what you call that thing?) because I can make seven at a time.  Works pretty well for my family of seven.  I don’t want to grease the entire griddle, because that is just overkill.  I don’t want to grab the whole stick of butter and get my hands or the wrapper all funky.

Solution – take a hunk of butter and stick it on the end of a fork!  This way you have a handle, and you can apply the butter only where you really need it.

Now I’m hungry.

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