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Total bummer.  I finally worked up the courage to try making my first sourdough starter.  I was pretty pleased with my initial results.  On the very first day I saw so many promising little bubbles.  And then it started to stink.  Mindy at The Purposed Heart assured me that this smell is normal.  The bad bacteria were winning in my little kitchen science project, and bad bacteria smell like bad bacteria.

Three more days of dumping, adding, feeding stirring – still stinking.  And fewer bubbles than Day 2!  But, I don’t give up that easily.

I do give up though when I pull my loose cover off of my jar to feed my little guy and three satiated little fruit flies wander out.  Ick.  I am just not going to chance the fruit fly breeding ground being part of my jar of funk.  That is too funky – even for me.

So, down the drain he went.  I do plan to start another one.  But I said that for two years before starting this one.  Hmmm . . . don’t bet on me.

And on a related note – do check out this post on making a natural fruit fly trap.  This is definitely on my To Do list now.

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fruit trap

A big fat THANK YOU to The Idea Room for this genius little contraption.  These little buggers drive me crazy.  They are impossible to squish.  And, both my experiments in college biology and my personal experience in my home confirm that these things breed at a rate I can’t possibly keep up with.

Find your little bucket lists and get ready fruit flies – your days are numbered.

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