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Time for a bread update!  Of course the dough cycle was complete when I was in the middle of making lunch, so it had to wait 15 minutes or so.  I pulled the risen dough out of the machine and plopped it onto a lightly floured flexible cutting board.  It works quite well when the counter is dirty.

Bread dough just coming out of machine

Next, I rolled the dough into a rectangle-ish shape.

Dough Rolled Out

Then, I rolled the rectangle up into a loaf.

Dough Rolled into a Loaf

My last step was to place the loaf into an oiled bread pan.  I used coconut oil since that is what I had sitting on the counter.

Loaf in the Pan

Now it is sitting in my oven to rise.  As soon as it rises, I will bake it!  Stay tuned . . .

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Grow, Baby Grow

Starting My First Sourdough

Mindy at The Purposed Heart has inspired me to finally try to make a sourdough starter.  Somehow thinking about doing this for the past two years has yet to materialize into anything.

Well, no more!  Mindy has promised to walk us through this process day by day.  With detailed instructions and pictures.  Now is my time – I can feel it.

So, last night I followed her directions carefully, and 24 hours later, this is what I have:

Is that funk really good?

Apparently, these bubbles and the dark liquid on the top are signs that everything is happening as it should.  Going on faith here.

If you have ever thought about starting sourdough and put it off, like me, join me!  Let’s do this while Mindy is holding our hands.  And hey, if it doesn’t work, it was only flour and water, right?

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