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Time for a bread update!  Of course the dough cycle was complete when I was in the middle of making lunch, so it had to wait 15 minutes or so.  I pulled the risen dough out of the machine and plopped it onto a lightly floured flexible cutting board.  It works quite well when the counter is dirty.

Bread dough just coming out of machine

Next, I rolled the dough into a rectangle-ish shape.

Dough Rolled Out

Then, I rolled the rectangle up into a loaf.

Dough Rolled into a Loaf

My last step was to place the loaf into an oiled bread pan.  I used coconut oil since that is what I had sitting on the counter.

Loaf in the Pan

Now it is sitting in my oven to rise.  As soon as it rises, I will bake it!  Stay tuned . . .

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