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Tuesday night, I went to a friend’s house for a class on food dehydrating.  (Well, mostly food – she did include a handy tip about drying out a submerged iphone :).)

The class was taught by Jan Nellis, a local woman passionate about the homesteading skills of the past, and equally passionate about passing on those skills.  My mother did not pass these skills on to me because she did not possess them.  No fault of her own.  They were not passed down to her either.  But, I would like to impart these interests and skills to my four daughters, so I better learn them myself!

When I was invited to this workshop, I figured, “Why not start with dehydrating since Jan is willing to teach me!”  I decided to go because I wanted to spend time with the ladies at the event, and I thought it might motivate me to finally open the dehydrator I inherited about two years ago.

Wow – I was thoroughly impressed with Jan!  She really knows her stuff.

After attending the class, here are my top five reasons I (and you!) need to figure this dehydrating thing out:

1.  Dehydrating is WAY easier than canning!  Cannot emphasize this one enough.  I do not like canning.  (Nor do I like many canned foods.)

2.  If properly stored, dehydrated foods can last up to thirty years!  Talk about an economical way to build an emergency store of food.

3.  Dehydrated foods retain more nutrients than both frozen and canned versions.

4.  If done properly, dehydrated foods can remain “raw” and retain all of their raw enzymes.

5.  Dehydrated foods are EASY to use and they are yummy!

Ok, I need to add a #6 here:

6.  Dehydrated foods are WAY SMALLER than the real deal!  Duh, right?  But think about it!!  Why store 6 large cans of green beans, when you can store the same amount of green beans in 1 Ball jar!

So, if I haven’t intrigued you enough yet, I am going to pull out all the stops now :).  Jan Nellis has written a book to hold our hands and walk us through dehydrating!  She writes about the equipment we need, how to prep the foods, which foods can be dehydrated, and how to properly store them.  Her book contains information on what to do with all of these dehydrated goodies, including soups, snacks, camping food, hiking food, baby food, and more.

Enter to win Jan's book!!

Sounds like a fantastic resource, right?  Well, I bought her book that night for myself, but I also bought one extra!  I plan to give away Jan Nellis’ Delicious, Delectable and Dehydrated!to one of my oh-so-lucky readers!

But, hold on to your seat – it gets better!  Jan is also generously sweetening the deal by offering TWO MORE items – a 4 oz. jar of her Mom’s Love Rub lotion and a bar of handcrafted soap – to the giveaway!

When you visit Mom’s Love Rub and decide that you would like to buy her products, she is also giving all of my readers a special discount.  Just enter the code BLESSED at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order.

SO – how can you sign up to win the giveaway?

Do as many of these as you can and come back here to leave a comment telling me you did it!  Let the fun begin!

Here is how to enter the giveaway:

1.  Sign up to become a follower of this blog or leave a comment letting me know that you are already following.

2.  Like Mom’s Love Rub facebook page, and leave a comment here letting me know you did so.

3.  Post about the giveaway on your facebook page with the link to this post.

4.  Post about the giveaway on your blog and link back to this post.

5.  Visit Jan’s site, Mom’s Love Rub, and then come back here and let us know in the comment section which soap you would choose if you win.

I am closing the giveaway at the end of the day on Friday, December 16th.  I will choose a random winner, and post it on the blog.  Make sure you check back in case you win!  I’ll need to contact you to get your info for shipping purposes.

GOOD LUCK!!!  I am very excited about this 🙂 . . .

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Cover of "Roxaboxen"

Cover of Roxaboxen

The mornings this past week were cool enough to prompt us to relight our fireplace.  We love our fireplace.  That little guy can heat our entire house, and keep things quite toasty through some ugly Chicago winters.

It is definitely a cool weather ritual around here for the first person downstairs in the morning to flip on the fireplace.  And, it is another ritual for the kids and I to push the couch in front of the fireplace (gotta love hardwood floors and felt), snuggle up and read.  I am so blessed.

Here is what we are snuggling up with this week:

Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran, Illustrated by Barbara Cooney – Another sweet book illustrated by Barbara Cooney.  This one is the story of a city made of rocks on a hill and inhabited by an imaginative group of neighborhood children. Some treasures of childhood are buried in your heart and carried carefully into adulthood – Roxaboxen is one.

Verdi by Janell Cannon – Verdi is an adventurous little yellow python who has no interest in growing up and turning green.  Despite his wishes, and without him noticing, he matures into a lovely green grown-up who still appreciates the energy and excitement of youth.

Dear Garbage Man by Gene Zion, Illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham – Originally written in 1957, an environmentalist book this is not.  However, it is an amusing tale about the first day on the job for a garbage man.  He makes trash into treasure, only to find it was really just trash all along!

A Lion to Guard Us by Clyde Robert Bulla – Clyde Robert Bulla is quickly becoming one of my six-year-old son’s favorite authors.  We have enjoyed two other titles by him, and this one has us hooked already.  It is a short chapter book we are reading aloud together.  The story is about a young girl in the year 1609.  Her mother dies, and she determines to take her younger brother and sister across the ocean to where her father has built a home for them in America.

I recommend you hop on your library’s website now  – let the requesting begin!

Happy reading!

(In case you are curious, I am not affiliated with Amazon, and I do not receive any compensation for any purchases you might make through the above links.)

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