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Here is my list I promised you on Saturday.  Most of these activities can be done with items you already have around your house or can find for free online.

15 Activities for Your Homeschool Preschoolers

  1. Paper, scissors and tape – Nothing else needed, I promise you.  You could go wild one day and throw in a glue stick.
  2. Salt dough – They can create things and let them harden, and then paint them with water colors.
  3. Puzzles and lacing cards – You can easily make some homemade lacing cards with a piece of cardboard (an old cereal box works well), a marker, a single hole punch, and yarn or a shoelace.
  4. Blocks
  5. Books – Give them a big ol’ stack of great picture books to page through, and when the hour is up let them each choose some for you to read aloud.
  6. Paper, crayons and stickers – Stickers, glorious stickers.
  7. Beans and containers – This one is a classic, but for good reason.  Just grab a container, dump in some dry beans, and give them multiple containers (bowls, cups, baking pans) and utensils to play with.
  8. Water and containers – Same exact idea as the beans.  This time, make sure you put them on a hard surface and lay down a few towels underneath them.  Expect a wet mess.  Or, if you only have one preschooler, let them play in the sink.
  9. String or pipe cleaners and beads – Give them beads large enough not to frustrate them, and something to string them on.
  10. Tracing, coloring pages, or worksheets and crayons – You could easily make these or search for them online.  Find some with letters or numbers on them if you are feeling particularly academic that day.  I have found some fantastic resources here and here.
  11. Cars or a train set – Any vehicles will do.  For some kids this will be enough on its own.  Other kids might need a start by giving them a mat that has a little town on it, or give them strips of cardboard (again, cereal boxes work great) or the inside of a large box to make a road with.
  12. Paints – Yes, this is a messy one.  But just think of that hour in the mean time.  You could do watercolors, tempera, or finger paints.
  13. Playdough – ‘Nough said.  Actually, you may want to save this one for a time when you need 3 hours to work :)!
  14. Toys – Well, that’s a little obvious, right?  But, these would be toys chosen by mom that are educational in nature.
  15. Computer time or learning DVD – This is always a last resort for me, and certainly not something we use on a weekly basis.  My kids tend to get “media head”, and after exposure it seems to be all they think and talk about for way too long.  But, I do want them to have very limited interaction with the computer, and I cannot sing the praises loudly enough for the LeapFrog alphabet series.  All of my children have learned their basic phonics sounds and rules through these with absolutely no effort!

So, there you have it.  I do love a plan.  Happy preschooling!

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